The Kovac Family Story,

Camilla and Christopher Kovac is the force behind Sweden based multidisciplinary company Kovac Family, launched 2012, designing and providing products and services as environmentally friendly as possible. We put sustainability at the core of everything we do. The products are made in Sweden using sustainable materials. They are sold exclusively in our own showroom and our webshop to avoid traditional retail markups, we will however arrange shorter pop-up collaborations around the world. As we grow our goal is to deliver a completely natural light source in collaboration with Biomimicry, funding research with profits from the design products.

Latest addition is Kovac Factory, a service for creative professionals.


Our collection Numbers,

The ambition is to make products with as small impact on the environment as possible, source material and produce them locally. One challenge is to use a minimum of materials and what we use has to be certified as environmental friendly and easy to recycle.We call the collection Numbers, since all products are named after the number of parts used, as simple as that. 

Inspiration comes from Nature - cause and consequence: How can we make this better in all aspects to improve the everyday life and our environment. Biomimicry is a hero of ours and also collaborator.


Poetic Brightness,

About: Camilla Kovac, CEO of Kovac Family drew international recognition for her bubbly textile lamp BPL produced by Italian Rotaliana 2000. Kovac has a MFA from University College of Arts, Crafts and Design 2000 and same year opened her own studio. 2012 she co-founded Kovac Family AB. Camilla Kovac has received several grants from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Special Mention Award XXI Compasso d'Oro 2008, UtmärktSvensk Form, "Light Idea of The Year" by the swedish design magazine Sköna Hem, where the comment of the jury were "extraordinary poetic brightness!" and D&AD 2012 among others. "Swedish designer may look like an anarchist, but she thinks like an architect" - Bradley Quinn.





Recent interview with Camilla Kovac by french agency 1.618

1.618: Why did you choose this name Kovac Family?

C.K: It is our family name! It's more fun to work as a group.

1.618 Tell us an anecdote related to your brand? What was the biggest challenge you managed to take up?

C.K: To discuss the possibility of making a project in collaboration with the amazing Janine Benyus, founder of Biomimicry 3.8. I remember I had a note with what to say if I would get starstruck and black out. At that time we were between offices and I was outside in the winter when it gets really dark in Sweden, and I couldn't read the note (I had decided to make the call in a non traffic area to avoid noises from cars I ended up with no light and with a lot of joggers). It went well, we now have a project with Janine and her team. A dream came true.

1.618: What would be your advice to future entrepreneurs willing to launch a sustainable brand?

C.K: Learn Laugh and Move on. Don't be afraid to fail, it's only the beginning of an even better solution. We listen a lot to what customers say and try to see everything from their perspective.

1.618: On a personal level, you never start your day without...

C.K: Avocado, bicycling and thinking about what I can do better.

1.618: What drives you and make you go up in the morning?

C.K: New ideas and things I can do better and a hungry cat who jumps on my stomach!

1.618: Which personality inspires you most these days?

C.K: Open minded and progressive.

1.618: What is your motto?

C.K: I like to walk on thin ice, you may get wet but what a refreshing dip!

1.618: Infront of which situation did you think: " I have never seen something so beautiful " ?

C.K: My kids.

1.618: Which sustainable development challenge that you managed to resolve are you most proud of?

C.K: The small things that nobody sees, like cord sockets, we were looking for ecofriendly textiles for our cords and called the largest producer in Sweden.

Their answer was they haven't seen the need for this, we called their collaborator and asked them to persuade them into buying eco friendly yarn. This hasn't happened yet. We are working on it.

Same thing with the plastic sockets from the largest distributor: Their answer was they had never before got the question and didn't know what kind of plastics their sockets were made of. We are working on this too. This list could go on and this is what drives us.

1.618: Tell us about your main raw materials...

C.K: The design of the 25Lamp is 100% made only because we wanted it to be flat packed + sustainable + simple and only exists to support our research project for a new biomimetic light, which means coming 100% from nature without electricity. (The first lamp I designed was embarrassingly large and the volume of the package was enormous.)

1.618: How do you reduce your environmental impact?

C.K: We incorporate green solutions in everything we do from FSC certified paper, ecofriendly tote bags to organic coffee. The 25Lamp consists of 25 wooden lamellas, 2 metal screws, 1 plastic socket (PET) and a pvc free lamp cord. It's the lamp cord that you would have to dissemble when recycling because it is made of plastic, cooper and textile.

1.618: What else would you like our readers to know about you?

C.K: I have played the leading part in a Moliere play, the headmaster thanked me for talking very loud, you could here me down to the end doors.