Read our interviews with the people who inspire us. 


Boob Design - the Swedish brand making sustainable fashion to empower women during pregnancy and nursing.

Cristina Zenato says sharks are not as bad as we think they are.

New Roots – awarded vegan cheese factory in Switzerland.

Hayley-Jo Carr coordinator of the Reef Rescue Network.

How we humans grow our food will radically change in our near future. 

The man behind the Emmy Award-winning Netflix Original Documentary Chasing Coral.

Denielle Sachs - former press lead at The White House.

Matthew Kenney – changing the way the world thinks about food.

Clare Campbell is the definition of leading by example.

Ever heard about eco resorts? Here’s one you should remember.

Soki Choi - about the important relationship between microbiota-gut-brain.

The Art of Relax, Detox and Shine at Yobaba Lounge.

Ditch the single-use plastic straw and save our oceans.

Liz Parkinson - Manager of Project AWARE’s ‘Run for Sharks’ Team.

Georgina Reid explains the importance of all things green.

Jennie Liljefors on power, health and energy.

IPBio in Brazil combines research and education to preserve the rainforest.

Silvia Bifaro - From fashion to food.

Kickstart your healthy lifestyle.