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2Hang - wall mounted hanger for all your family and friends’ jackets or your finest suit.

Locally produced in Stockholm, Sweden. By carpenters from the prestigious Carl Malmsten school for as high quality as possible.

The hangers are made in 4 different organic shapes for you to place them as you wish on your wall.

Each shape is around 21cm - 25cm w x 5cm h

Material FSC Oak, Walnut or Ash.

We strive to make our product more sustainable every day. Right now we’re doing research on glue – did you know that even the most eco friendly glues contain plastic as a binder? We couldn’t believe it when we first read it. In our search for the perfect biodegradable glue we’ve tried kasein made from milk, fish glue which is a glue made from fish waste, and a super secret bio based glue that we think might be the one. We are still working on it and will let you know how it goes - we’re sure you’re as curious as we are!

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