Reclaimed Wood / 15Chair / Oak

Reclaimed Wood / 15Chair / Oak


15Chair / LOW lounge chair.

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Carefully hand made in Sweden - built to last.

Only 23cm from the floor. Inspired by the Japanese low sitting we made this low lounge chair. A symbol of mixing high flying thoughts with a connection to the earth.

Made from reclaimed sustainably sourced solid Oak with a unique look as every piece of wood is handselected. Normally, manufacturers exclude wood with too much grain or knot holes, conformity being the main objective. We thought the opposite, and wanted to highlight the wood grain and other individual expressions. The rattan is 100% sustainably sourced.

Comes in a flat package 9cm x 59cm x 48cm / 3,5in x 23in x 19in. Simply attach the four legs according to the enclosed instructions. Seat back is removable. Unfold it with one hand and enjoy a steady, lounge chair for all occasions.

We use the finest locally sourced wax, the very same that is used when restoring woodwork in Versailles. It's made from beeswax and linseed oil, nothing else, and the three day long process is done completely by hand.

 So if it feels like a long wait, we're just making sure you're getting something that's worth waiting for!

PS. We're interviewed by Make it last DS

FSC Certified Wood.

100% Made in Sweden.

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